Andrea Rene is a well-known video game lover, entertainment geek and on-air personality. She’s hosted numerous shows for IGN and Rooster Teeth, as well as co-hosted the GameStop TV show “The Lobby”. She has also been featured in videos from gaming companies such as EA Sports, Ubisoft and Nintendo showcasing their upcoming releases.

In addition to her passion for playing games, Andrea is an avid fan of all things related to pop culture including movies, television shows and comic books. Her enthusiasm for these topics makes her a great source of fun facts about them during live streams or panels. She’s always willing to share her knowledge with her loyal fans who follow her work closely on social media which helps further spread the love she has for gaming and entertainment!

Andrea Rene is a true entertainment geek! She’s an avid gamer, and loves playing all kinds of video games. Whether it’s adventure games or RPG’s, Andrea can play them all with skill and enthusiasm.

Her passion for gaming is infectious, and her knowledge of the industry makes her an invaluable asset to any gaming gathering. With Andrea in the room, you know you’re in for a great time!

Andrea Rene Husband

Andrea Rene is an American journalist and content creator who is best known for her work as the host of several gaming-related shows on YouTube, including What’s Good Games and Hyper RPG. She recently tied the knot with her longterm partner, Raymond Dozier III, in a beautiful ceremony that brought together their family and friends to celebrate their union. They have since been living happily together ever since.

Andrea Rene Wiki

Andrea Rene is an American entertainment host and content producer, best known for her work on Yahoo’s ESports Channel as the former Executive Producer. She also works with IGN as a Host and Reporter, providing coverage of various gaming events around the world. Additionally, she currently serves as a Video Game Analyst for NBA2K League broadcasts on Twitch.

Andrea Rene Instagram

Andrea Rene is a popular Instagram star known for her comedic skits, beauty and lifestyle tips, and engaging content. With over 2 million followers on the platform, Andrea never fails to entertain her audience with hilarious videos and humorous captions accompanying her photos. She also has a YouTube channel where she shares more in-depth advice about fashion and makeup trends that have made her an inspiring influencer within the social media universe.

Andrea Rene Twitter

Andrea Rene is an American digital media personality who is best known for her work on the video game and entertainment website, What’s Good Games. She currently has over 160 thousand followers on Twitter where she posts updates about gaming news and shares her thoughts on a variety of topics. Her tweets often focus on topics related to diversity in gaming, gender representation in games, and the importance of inclusion for all gamers.

Andrea Rene Age

Andrea Rene is a popular American YouTube personality and host. She is best known for her work on IGN, where she was the managing editor for video content from 2012 to 2017 before joining Rooster Teeth as an on-camera host. Andrea Rene currently resides in Los Angeles, California and is 35 years old.

Andrea Rene Video Game Lover Entertainment Geek


How Old is Andrea Rene?

Andrea Rene is a popular video game journalist and creator of the web series What’s Good Games. She has been active in the gaming industry since 2013, with her career taking off when she joined GameSpot as an editor in 2016. She currently hosts shows on both Twitch and Youtube, providing viewers with insights into the world of gaming.

In 2020, Andrea was named one of Variety’s Power Of Young Hollywood honorees for her commitment to making a difference in the industry. As of 2021, Andrea Rene is 33 years old and continues to be a beacon for young women gamers everywhere.

What’S Good Games Cast?

Good Games Cast is an entertaining podcast about gaming culture and the people who make it. Hosted by veteran game journalists Joe Hindy and Dan O’Donnell, Good Games Cast provides engaging conversations with industry veterans, developers, streamers, content creators, esports pros and more. Each episode covers a different topic ranging from in-depth interviews to discussions on current events impacting the gaming world.

Whether you’re interested in learning tips for becoming a better gamer or want to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in competitive gaming, Good Games Cast has something for everyone! With its humor-filled banter and deep dives into interesting topics within the community, Good Games Cast is sure to provide hours of entertainment that will keep you coming back for more each week!

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In conclusion, Andrea Rene is a passionate and knowledgeable advocate for video game culture. She embodies the spirit of an entertainment geek who loves to share her enthusiasm with others in her work as a journalist, presenter, and host. Her commitment to highlighting both the creativity and technical skill that goes into creating video games makes her an invaluable resource for anyone interested in learning more about this exciting industry.