Jenga Drinking Game Ideas are a fun and creative way to enjoy some drinks with friends. To play Jenga as a drinking game, each player takes turns pulling out one block from the tower without knocking it over. The person who pulls out the block can assign any rule they want for anyone else in the group.

For example, they can choose someone to take a shot, finish their drink or do something silly such as dance around the room before their next turn. This adds an element of surprise and makes every round exciting and unpredictable! Additionally, you can also add custom rules written on each block that everyone must follow if pulled out (e.g., “everyone drink!”).

This simple yet fun game is sure to keep your party going!

Jenga is a classic game that can easily be turned into a drinking game! Try playing with friends to spice up your next game night. Every time someone pulls out a block, they must take a drink or perform an action like singing, telling jokes, or making up stories.

For added difficulty and fun, you could write different tasks on each of the blocks for players to complete when drawn. Have fun and remember to drink responsibly!

Jenga Drinking Game Questions

The Jenga drinking game is a fun way to add an exciting twist to your next party. Players take turns choosing and answering questions from the stack of wooden blocks, each with a unique question printed on it. Questions range from silly icebreakers to more thought-provoking inquiries about life and relationships that can lead to interesting conversations among friends.

Additionally, rules can be added stipulating any player who fails to answer their question must take a drink as punishment!

Drunk Jenga List

Drunk Jenga is a popular drinking game that combines the classic game of Jenga with an alcohol-infused twist. The rules are simple: players take turns removing blocks from the tower, and when they do so, they must complete a task or drink an alcoholic beverage associated with each block. As the tower gets taller and more unstable, it makes for a fun and unpredictable way to enjoy drinks with friends!

Jenga Drinking Game for Couples

Jenga Drinking Game for Couples is a fun and interactive way to get the party started. It’s simple to play – just follow the instructions on each Jenga block! Take turns removing blocks from the tower while completing tasks outlined by your partner.

If you fail, you must take a drink! This game will surely make it an interesting night filled with laughter, drinks and memories.

Drunk Jenga Ideas Pinterest

Drunk Jenga is an exciting twist on the classic game of Jenga. It involves tweaking the traditional rules to add a fun drinking element and making it more interesting for adults. Drunk Jenga Ideas Pinterest has creative ideas that turn this nostalgia-inducing game into a wild, adult version of itself.

From customizing blocks with funny phrases and mini challenges, to incorporating shots and forfeits—Pinterest offers plenty of hilarious options for playing Drunk Jenga.

Drunk Jenga Blocks

Drunk Jenga Blocks is a fun game that combines the classic block-stacking game of Jenga with an alcoholic twist. Instead of taking turns pulling out one block at a time, players draw cards that tell them to take either one or two blocks out and put them back on top. The cards also include special instructions such as “drink” or “pick someone else to drink”.

It’s a great way to liven up your next party!

Jenga Drinking Game Ideas


What Do You Put in a Jenga Drinking Game?

A Jenga drinking game is a fun and interactive way to have some drinks with your friends. All you need are a few wooden blocks, some beer (or other alcoholic beverages) and a good sense of humor. To set up the game, start by stacking the wooden blocks into a tower.

Each player takes turns removing one block from any level of the tower without toppling it over. On each turn, whoever removes the block has to do something determined beforehand — usually either drink or give out drinks based on what’s written on that particular piece. If someone successfully removes their piece without toppling the tower, then it’s onto the next person’s turn; but if they mess up and cause things to topple down, then they must take an extra shot for “breaking” Jenga!

The last person standing (and still conscious!) is crowned champion at this great drinking game!

How Do You Play Jenga As a Drinking Game?

Playing Jenga as a drinking game is an entertaining and exciting way to have fun with friends. To get started, you’ll first need the traditional wooden blocks of a standard Jenga set. You can also find specialty sets that come with built-in shot glasses or rules printed on the blocks.

To play the game, each player will take turns removing one block at a time from any layer other than the top layer without causing the tower to collapse. When it is your turn, pick out a block and place it on top of the tower – if you make it through your turn without toppling over the tower then everyone else takes a drink! If you cause it to fall over then you must finish your drink before continuing on with gameplay.

The last person standing after all 54 pieces are removed from the tower wins and gets bragging rights for creating the best Jenga drinking game strategy!

How Do You Make Jenga More Fun?

Jenga is a classic game that has been around for years, and it’s still just as fun today. But if you’re looking to make the game even more exciting, there are plenty of ways to do it! One way is by adding new rules or challenges to each turn.

For example, you could require players to act out an animal every time they pull a block from the tower instead of simply taking turns in order. This can add an element of surprise and laughter into the mix as everyone tries their best to mimic animals like cats, dogs, birds or elephants. You could also set up different point systems based on how quickly each player completes their turn or how many blocks they manage to take without destroying the tower.

With these simple variations on Jenga gameplay your next game night will be sure to be full of laughs and excitement!

making a drinking jenga game


This blog post has provided many interesting and fun ideas for a Jenga drinking game. From classic rules to more creative suggestions, there are plenty of options to choose from. No matter what set of rules you decide on, the important thing is that everyone playing is having a good time!

With these Jenga drinking game ideas in mind, you can start planning your next epic night out with friends or family.